The smooth rolling action of the White Jade Facial Roller helps stimulate lymphatic drainage and effectively massages skin and facial muscles boosting the elimination of toxins, firming the skin, relaxing wrinkles and easing tension.

The naturally cool touch of White Jade soothes, de-puffs and tones. Skin appears more even in tone and texture and clarity is improved.

The occlusive effect of facial rolling allows the precious skincare ingredients of your favourite eye and face serums and creams to be trapped against your skin until they are fully absorbed.

Designed to stimulate and massage your skin, to encourage a more revitalised complexion, whilst helping with product absorption.

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How To Use:

Let the roller do the work, no need to add pressure. Use morning or evening after applying your  skincare products. Repeat each action three times:
Start at the base of your neck and roll upwards to the jawline working against gravity
From the middle of your chin make broad strokes with the roller out towards your ear
Roll from your jawline up towards the middle of your cheeks
Continue with the broad strokes from the side of the nose to the ear
Roll down the length of the nose
Roll out from the tear duct to the temple
Roll along the brow from the 3rd eye to the temple
Roll from the eyebrows up to your hairline
Finish by rolling from the middle of the forehead out towards the temples